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3 Reasons Why an Outdoor Vacation Is More Refreshing

Everybody needs some time away from their regular lives—the hectic schedules, the endless errands, the long hours on the job, and the limited free time. But too often, they come back from their time away feeling like they need to recover from their vacation. When you’re deciding on what type of vacation to take, there are an overwhelming array of options. But there’s one thing that is consistent—and that is that an outdoor vacation is the most likely to help you return to your demanding life feeling more refreshed.

Nature Promotes Emotional Well-Being

Studies have actually measured the happiness level of people who went camping versus those who didn’t. Nature has a restorative quality, scientists say. A walk in the park or a hike up a mountain has a way of resetting stress levels and increasing emotional strength. Folks who spend time outside report feeling more alive and enthusiastic and experiencing less depression and anxiety.

A study of 10,000 Canadians found that when they spent 30 minutes in nature every day over the course of 30 days, they

  • had less problems sleeping.
  • felt less stressed and negative.
  • were more productive at work.
  • felt like they had more energy.
  • just felt better in general.

Nature Supports Physical Well-Being

Exposure to sunlight activates the production of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is said to reduce the risk of cancer, heart attacks, and osteoporosis because of its propensity to strengthen bone, cardiovascular, and general health. Your skin tone determines how much sunlight you need. The lightest skin tones need around 10 minutes of sunlight every day; the darkest skin tones need up to 20 minutes.

Not only does sunlight support your well-being, but so does vegetation. Plants produce phytoncides, which are designed to stave off insects and rotting. This same property appears to support increased immune function in humans.

Nature Inspires Creativity

Some of the most famous poets, musicians, and philosophers received inspiration from their jaunts into nature. Beethoven, Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Wordsworth developed ideas for their next masterpieces by taking walks in nature or composing in open gardens or traveling to island locations. Nikola Tesla developed the idea for the electric motor during a visit to a park.

Nature has such a positive effect on the brain that even small or incremental exposures to it can activate the creative processes of the brain. Even more, a prolonged foray into nature can increase creativity by 50 percent. One study showed that backpackers who went backpacking for four days scored 50 percent higher on creativity scores than those who spent less time removed from it all.

A houseboat rental is one of the best ways to get close to nature for several days. You can flood all of your senses with some of the most refreshing aspects of nature—water, forests, mountains, wildlife, and scenery—while still having access to all of your normal comforts, such as showers, toilets, cooking appliances, and real beds. It might be time to schedule a slow-moving voyage across Shasta Lake for your next vacation! This time you won’t need a vacation from your vacation.

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