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How to Save Big on Your Bus Conversion

Tiny-home living has taken the nation by storm. Young people have discovered the money-saving benefits of small homes and millennials have embraced a lifestyle lived before only by those of the elder generations. Across the U.S., tiny-home dwellers have decided to stay on the move by converting old school buses. | Read More »

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The Top 8 Boating Terms You Should Know

Lakes and other inland waterways are popular and enjoyable vacation destinations for boating enthusiasts. Opportunities abound for anyone looking to fish, swim, water ski, or just plain relax. The National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) recognizes 32 different types of boats and while their looks and operations may vary, the names | Read More »

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Fun Facts About Vacations & Houseboat Rentals

Americans love taking vacations. Whether it’s winter skiing trips on snowy mountain peaks, summer snorkeling vacations in oceanic wonderlands, road trips to national wonders, or jet-sets to far-off locations, there’s a vacation for every budget and preference. Here are some interesting facts that you may not have known about vacationers. | Read More »


Top 5: Family Friendly Travel Movies

Regardless of whether your family is looking for action, tears, intrigue, or laughs, you can’t go wrong with a great travel film. In past decades, Hollywood has loaded couples, families, and yes, even aliens, into RVs and sent them on cross-country escapades. Most of the time, nothing goes right, but | Read More »

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Boat Rentals Will Benefit Your Shasta Lake Vacation

Keeping everyone occupied and having fun while on vacation can be difficult. Children are easily bored and parents need to find fulfilling activities for them. Fortunately, inland lakes provide a host of activities for families while on vacation. Go Fishing Freshwater fishing influences the management of clean water, healthy aquatic | Read More »

shasta lake holiday harbor rv campground

15 RV Campground Fire Safety Tips

Each year, more than 75,000 wildfires destroy homes and damage wildlife habitats and the watersheds that provide drinking water for millions of people. Between 2004 and 2006, a whopping 37 percent of these fires were caused by campfires or smoking materials. Luckily, the USDA Forest Service fights wildfires in order | Read More »


Boating Safety Tips to Know Before Leaving the Marina

Meaning “Always Ready”, the United States Coast Guard motto, “Semper Paratus” was adopted to encourage boat operators to prepare for the worst. Statistically, 80 percent of those who die in boating accidents had never taken a boating safety course which is highly recommended by experts. Not only that, but many | Read More »

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4 Winter Activities Near Shasta Lake RV Campgrounds

Finding activities while on vacation can be a chore, especially during winter months in cold climates. There are often several people with their own opinions and ideas about what is “fun”. Children may need stimulation, while older folks seek quiet solitude. Fortunately, rural campgrounds are usually surrounded by activity options | Read More »