Holiday Harbor – Shasta Lake Resort and Marina




June 17–August 11

Summer is the peak rental season. The average temperatures are 63 °F at night and 99 °F at day.

Value Weeks

June 10–16 & August 12–18

We offer two value weeks each year, before and after the peak rental season. Average temperatures are 62 °F at night and 92 °F during the day. These weeks sell out early!

Off Season

April 1–June 9 or August 19–EOS*
Excluding Holiday Weekends

Our off season has lower average temperatures, but reduced rates make this season just as hot! Three-night minimum rental from May 1–June 9 and August 19–September 30.

*End of Season

The-Diplomat Special Offer

The Diplomat

from $460 for 2 Nights


The Monarch

from $525 for 2 Nights


The Premiere

from $560 for 2 Nights

ambassador1_new Special Offer

The Ambassador

from $595 for 2 Nights


The Marquis

from $670 for 2 Nights


The Grand Marquis

from $1,195 for 3 Nights

empress Special Offer

The Empress

from $1,325 for 3 Nights